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Christy Reppe

God opened my eyes to really see beyond my self-centered world in 1999 when I visited Honduras as a recent high school graduate.  Nine years later, He reawakened this part of my heart on my first visit to Ethiopia.  I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had through Eyes That See to live out what God brought alive in my heart that year and has been growing ever since.  One of my favorite ways of working with Eyes That See has been presenting to middle school students about life in Ethiopia and how they can get involved.  The response of these students amazes me every time – they don’t even think twice about whether or not they should get involved or act on what they’ve seen and heard, they just ask how!  It is a beautiful attitude to soak up from these students!  Some of the other “hows” for me have included things like manning a t-shirt table, proofreading materials, meeting with the women and children in Ethiopia, and helping in the development of new ideas or projects like 10cDabo.  This spring our entire family was able to be involved together by joining in on the Month of Change!  It was so cool to see my 5-year-old deciding to give half of his tooth fairy dollar to those in Ethiopia. We are continually blessed by being involved with Eyes That See, and I am so excited to see what else God has in store!