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Paula Tracy

I am involved in helping Eyes That See because I am a middle school English teacher in Eau Claire, WI, and have a heart for helping children learn.  I sponsor two children every month, which helps them have clean uniforms and attend school.  My kids have also gotten involved, helping out with the 10cDabo program.  The sold used children’s books at our garage sale for 10 cents each, raising $8.00.  That will buy 80 breakfasts so kids in Ethiopia can start their school day in a healthy way and give them more energy to learn.  Northstar Middle School, where I teach, has also gotten involved.  Last spring, 7th grade students & staff donated school supplies, shoes, soccer balls, and clothing for Eyes That See.  They also made books telling about life in Wisconsin as a 7th grader.  Being a woman, I also have a heart for other women.  At school I have been able to collect hair salon items for the women in the Keziah Project as well.  It is a joy to serve!