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Connie’s firefly’s

Ms Connie’s class of 4 old students are really getting involved in making a difference. They all chipped in to collect money for 10 cent Dabo. Here are what a few of the 4 year olds had to say about why.

” we know they don’t have any food.”

“we are sad they have to sleep on the ground” …..

“and all of the kids do not have moms, dads, or grandmas or is sad…does that make you sad Ms Connie?”

Ms Connie says, “Sharing the needs of children in Ethiopia with my students has been rewarding to them and to me. Watching and listening to 4 year olds caring for children they have never met is humbling. God is blessing us and His children in Ethiopia. As a grandma to 3 Ethiopians, I am honored to be a support for ETS.