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Celebrating our Keziah Women!

12 Matt Cutting CakeAnother school year has passed, and many will be graduating into a new life stage—new fears, new joys, and new responsibilities. At Eyes That See, we too are getting ready to celebrate a graduation—the graduation of our 4th Keziah House Class! These women have traded broken pasts for blessed futures, marked by new careers, new friendships, and new life in Christ!

You have probably attended a few graduations in your day, but we doubt you’ve ever seen anything quite like a Keziah House graduation. Here’s the basic setup:

It starts out like many graduations: public speakers and instructors give a charge to the graduates, and even some government officials will applaud the women and the staff for bringing hope to seemingly hopeless situations.

After the introductory speakers, many of the women share their stories—stories of abuse, homelessness, and shame. But like any good story, it doesn’t end with hopeless conflict. These women have amazing stories of our staff reaching out to them when they were at their lowest and revealing the true, conquering power of Christ’s love and mercy.

For several months the women have been learning different vocational skills, two of which are hairdressing and food preparation. This leads us to our next portion of the graduation—a friendly competition! The women tediously work days before the event, each of the cooks preparing her best dish, and each of the salon stylists crafting her best hairstyle. At the graduation, people vote for the best dish and the best hairstyle, and winners are proclaimed.

Knowing that sustainable relationships are invaluable, we go to great lengths to ensure these women have everything they need to thrive outside of the Keziah House. At graduation we present them with rent and a bed for a new home; this helps get the women on their feet while they are getting adjusted to their new jobs. This is one way we say, “You are more to us than a program; you are our friends and family in Christ, and we want you to be successful not only here, but when you leave as well. Your Keziah family will always care for you.”

After all the awards and ceremonial activities are over, it’s time to really celebrate! The cake is cut, and a massive worship service breaks out with people jumping, dancing and singing to their Lord. What a beautiful site to see prodigal children take joy in the embrace of their Father God!

As you can imagine, this graduation is not cheap. Caps and gowns, rental hall, sound equipment, photographer—it all adds up. But just as the Father spared no expense on His lost son who’d returned home, we want to throw a lavish party for His daughters.

In the past, we have had many generous people make this event successful. This year, we are calling on you to help us out. What an awesome graduation gift for our women, to know that believers worldwide are rooting for them. If you are interested in helping us throw the biggest party Addis Ababa has ever seen, please contact us at Or, if you want to, donate now!

14 Throwing Caps