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Baking for Freedom

Annelise Wiens never considered herself to be a person with applicable job skills.

“I have wrestled with this for much of my teenage and adult life,” Annelise says. “I have always loved to bake, and have enjoyed using that to brighten people’s day. But it never really seemed to be something that I could do on a larger scale than that.”

Annelise had heard of the Keziah House, and she had a burning desire to help these women. However, she doubted her ability to help with a “limited” skill set. Then, Annelise had an epiphany.

“It came to me…that I can use whatever I have been given, to whatever extent that I can, to do something–something that might just change the world.”

At this point, Baking for Freedom was born. Annelise took what she loved doing and started a campaign to put a young woman through the Keziah House. Annelise began baking goods for others, and the proceeds she earned went towards the Keziah Project (Coincidentally, many women who have graduated from the Keziah House have gone on to be chefs in local restaurants).

A few months later, Annelise has raised $1,000 to put a woman through the Keziah Project. Thank you, Annelise, for using your gifts to change the life of another!

If you get a chance, please stop by Baking for Freedom’s Facebook page–you might decide you want to join Annelise in helping others find their full worth.

Annelise Wiens

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