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Living in Harmony

When women eHareg & Aynadisnter the Keziah House, they are society’s outcasts; many of them struggle maintaining healthy relationships with family. Consequently, living together in a house with 15 to 25 other women can be a challenge. However, they grow to love and depend on each other for support.

To help the graduates cope when leaving the program, Eyes That See provides shared housing for these women (2 to 3 per house) for the first three months. We also provide the women with kitchen utensils and food supplies. This helps reduce the cost of living while they gain stability; it also gives the women a shoulder to cry on or someone to celebrate with during these tough first months. The staff makes weekly home visits where they discuss how things are going and help the women maintain their goals.

Hareg and Aynadis are two graduates from the 4th Keziah Class. They both studied food preparation, and they are now sharing a home in Addis. Both of them work six days a week, but they choose the same day off so they can spend time together.

Hareg became a Christian while at the Keziah House, but Aynadis was hesitant. However, since living with Hareg, Aynadis’ heart has begun to soften. When our staff last talked to her, Aynadis said, “I am always excited when I think of who I was yesterday and who I am today. It’s a miracle for me, and I always thank God for what He’s done for me.”