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Helen’s Joy

If you were to run into Helen today, you would probably catch nothing but smiles from her. But the joy that fills her eyes now was once clouded by anger and shame.

Four years ago, Helen got married and gave birth to a little boy. As time wore on, her husband abandoned her and married another woman. Left alone to provide for her child, Helen turned to the sex industry. However, it became more than a source of income. Sex became a coping mechanism; it became a way to get revenge on all the men who had hurt her. Helen turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain, but it only intensified her feelings of despair.

One day, a glimmer of hope shone into Helen’s world. She heard about this placed called the Keziah House where women like her had experienced true healing. Desperate for a change, Helen entered our program.

Fast forward six months, and we are standing in front of the joyful young woman we first encountered. Thanks to the counseling and friendships at the Keziah House, Helen is now drug and alcohol free. She was also recently baptized, a symbol that she has died to her old life and has been raised up in Christ. The road ahead for Helen will be long and difficult, but she will never be alone. God will be with her, and He has blessed us at Eyes That See with the opportunity to walk along side her. Keep this young woman in your prayers, and be reminded that God is always seeking to restore joy in us. Just ask Helen. IMG_0093