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Through Hannah’s Eyes…..

When I first met Azeb, she really stood out to me because she was so radiantly beautiful. You could instantly tell the joy of the Lord was in her heart.She has such a quiet, gentle, warming spirit that was a blessing to be around. One of the days we went to the Keziah house, we had an amazing privilege to participate in one of the small groups where we talked about time management. She had so much wisdom in what she had to share during that time, and she was super  transparent and even shared her struggles and mistakes.
After the class we all went outside to play games. I sat down to watch and she sat right next to me. To my surprise, she started talking a little bit to me in english. She shared some of her story with me and it was by far the coolest thing I experienced while I was in Ethiopia . She told me over and over that although at times she had nothing her God was still good. She shared that no matter what she faced that God was still faithful. She also expressed to me how thankful she was for the other girls in the program and the staff at Eyes That See. But most importantly, she was thankful to God for helping her get a fresh start. I am so excited to see how much she will grow throughout her time at the Keziah house. Please be lifting my dear friend up in prayers during her time at Eyes That See.