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Through Hannah’s Eyes…..

When I first met Azeb, she really stood out to me because she was so radiantly beautiful. You could instantly tell the joy of the Lord was in her heart.She has such a quiet, gentle, warming spirit that was a blessing to be around. One of the days we … [Read more...]

Through Shannon’s Eyes……

I have so many thoughts racing in my head about our trip to Ethiopia and the Keziah House and wanted them to settle down a little before I wrote anything on paper. Problem is, my thoughts never settled down. They’ve become a mess of questions and … [Read more...]

Through Jenna’s Eyes….

It’s been one week since we made our journey home from Ethiopia, and after sleeping for several days I think I may be able to form a few thoughts about the trip. I learned quickly after arriving that I had come with a “hero” mentality. That I had … [Read more...]

Month Of Change 2017

A big thank you to all of you who took part in Month of Change. We couldn’t do this without you all and the great work you put into events like this. We truly enjoy this annual fundraiser! This year we raised over $4,000 in just one month using just … [Read more...]

Purpose Behind A Hobby!

Katy from Wisconsin shares how she chose to become a part of Eyes That See. Thank you so much Katy for your generous heart. We love having you be a part of our Eyes That See family!   "After hearing about Eyes That See and the way they … [Read more...]

Forget The Frock!

I got to chat with the folks from Forget The Frock. You can read about it here. We love our partnership with them each year for Forget The Frock!! … [Read more...]

Month Of Change

As we wrap up our first day of Month Of Change, we would like to highlight Ballard High School, Kentucky Country Day School and Louisville Male High School. Students from these big Louisville schools are in a competion to see who can raise the most … [Read more...]

Taking Time To Breath

Our current Keziah class got to enjoy a little break away from the Keziah House today. They got to have lunch at Bishoftu. They took time to laugh, relax, and enjoy the beauty around them. It's because of private donors like you, that these … [Read more...]

Update on Keziah Class 6

The 6th Keziah class is starting to hit the final stretch, with less than two months to go, the women are comfortable with their routines and new lifestyles. They are working hard each day in individual therapy as well as group therapy. Six of the … [Read more...]

Helen’s Joy

If you were to run into Helen today, you would probably catch nothing but smiles from her. But the joy that fills her eyes now was once clouded by anger and shame. Four years ago, Helen got married and gave birth to a little boy. As time wore on, … [Read more...]