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Living in Harmony

When women enter the Keziah House, they are society’s outcasts; many of them struggle maintaining healthy relationships with family. Consequently, living together in a house with 15 to 25 other women can be a challenge. However, they grow to love and … [Read more...]

Baking for Freedom

Annelise Wiens never considered herself to be a person with applicable job skills. "I have wrestled with this for much of my teenage and adult life," Annelise says. "I have always loved to bake, and have enjoyed using that to brighten people's … [Read more...]

Hermela & Hareg’s New Life

Hermela and Hareg are two of our graduates from the 4th Keziah Class. Originally, they came from a region of Ethiopia where religion is strictly followed; the rules were oppressive and left no room for grace or mercy. Consequently, when Hermela and … [Read more...]

10¢ Tuesday: Meet Frehiwot

Today we want to introduce you to Frehiwot Alemayehu. Frehiwot lives with her parents, brother and sister. Frehiwot's father was severely injured at his job, and he is no longer able to work. Frehiwot's mother tries to provide for the entire family, … [Read more...]

Update on Eyerusalem

Last time we checked in with Eyerusalem, she had just given birth to Yididay, her beautiful young girl. Eyerusalem has now left the Keziah House and moved in with her grandmother. Eyes That See is helping to cover the cost of food items and other … [Read more...]

Straight A’s

When Didiya first entered our 10c Dabo program, she had average academic scores; however, Didiya loves to read. She has been working diligently in her classes, as well as receiving additional tutoring at our 10cDabo center. Just this year, Didiya was … [Read more...]

Keziah Comes to Boston

  8 hours a day, 6 days a week, you can stop by the Boston Day Spa where Gelila will hook you up with the best hair cut ever (or mani/pedi, if that’s your thing). Your only issue might be getting there—because this Boston Day Spa is in Addis … [Read more...]

Meet Sadie

Hi! My name is Sadie Ledford, and I am a new intern for Eyes That See. I have been interning over this summer, and I am preparing to go on a long-term trip to Addis in January. I just graduated from South Oldham High School this past May, and I’m … [Read more...]

10¢ Tuesday: Meet Abenezer Tsegaye

Each week, we want to feature one child in our 10cDabo program who is available for sponsorship. If you are interested in helping support one of these children, simply click here. Abenezer is a 9-yr-old boy who comes to 10cDabo. For years, his … [Read more...]

Liberty and Justice for All

We hope this weekend that you had your fill of apple pie, brats, burgers, and “merica” memes. All the festivities aside, it’s a great time to remember that we are a people who are created equal, and we are fortunate enough to celebrate that reality … [Read more...]