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How & Why I'm Involved

Kristine S. ~ WI

I attend Valleybrook Church in Eau Claire, WI on any given Sunday I see precious children that have been adopted from Ethiopia running through the church or being held and just loved on and my heart goes to those children who you are caring for. I … [Read more...]

John H.

John raised some money for 10cDabo. When asked why he is involved in 10cDabo his response was, "I just think how lucky we are for what we have. After seeing some pictures of kids that don't have it well. I don't want to feel that guilt in my gut … [Read more...]

Lee ~ Wisconsin

When asked why she choose to participate in 10cDAbo, Lee answered, "I chose to participate because when I was in Thailand our family was very poor.  We eat 1 meal a day which was little rice and salt but if we are lucky we would sometime have money … [Read more...]

Carter & Durant

Carter and Durant decided to sell golf ball at the end of their driveway. They wanted to see how many children they could feed. … [Read more...]

Connie’s firefly’s

Ms Connie's class of 4 old students are really getting involved in making a difference. They all chipped in to collect money for 10 cent Dabo. Here are what a few of the 4 year olds had to say about why. " we know they don't have any food." "we … [Read more...]

Adam Tracy

Adam from Wisconsin decided to help kids his own age who are living half way across the world. For his 11th birthday party, he asked his friends to bring money to donate to the 10cDabo program. Adam and his friends at his birthday party donated … [Read more...]

Ashley Watt

I have been blessed with the opportunity to support, and serve under, a number of people and organizations in ministry, but none has been as shaping in my life as Eyes That See.  I get excited about this organization in response to what God has … [Read more...]

Christy Reppe

God opened my eyes to really see beyond my self-centered world in 1999 when I visited Honduras as a recent high school graduate.  Nine years later, He reawakened this part of my heart on my first visit to Ethiopia.  I am so grateful for the … [Read more...]

Paula Tracy

I am involved in helping Eyes That See because I am a middle school English teacher in Eau Claire, WI, and have a heart for helping children learn.  I sponsor two children every month, which helps them have clean uniforms and attend school.  My kids … [Read more...]