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The Keziah Project

When you meet these women, you are instantly struck by their youth and the depth of the lives they have lived. These young women have journeyed so far to get to this place. Many have had innocence stolen from them. They have lived on the streets. They have lived as prostitutes to have enough money for food. They have been hurt and sadly expect to be hurt again. Many of these girls haven't felt the love and support of a family for a long time. When they come into The Keziah House they are instantly met by a staff who will invest in the rest of their lives, exposing them to an irreplaceable community. They have counseling to deal with their pain. They have accredited schooling paid for with 100% job placement upon graduation. At The Keziah House they have a safe home with their own bed, clothes, food, access to health care, clean water, and time to heal. The women live at The Keziah House for about nine months. Upon graduation they receive an apartment with the furniture they need along with three months of financial assistance. These are not apartments like the United States would picture, but our women feel proud as they head into their new lives. The day they walk into the Keziah House we are family, all learning to understand our full worth in Jesus. For this entire process it costs $2,500 for each woman. This includes everything they experience at the Keziah House and their start into their new life. For questions please contact us here.

Hermela & Hareg’s New Life

Hermela and Hareg are two of our graduates from the 4th Keziah Class. Originally, they came from a region of Ethiopia where religion is strictly followed; the rules were oppressive and left no room for grace or mercy. Consequently, when Hermela and … [Read more...]

Update on Eyerusalem

Last time we checked in with Eyerusalem, she had just given birth to Yididay, her beautiful young girl. Eyerusalem has now left the Keziah House and moved in with her grandmother. Eyes That See is helping to cover the cost of food items and other … [Read more...]

Liberty and Justice for All

We hope this weekend that you had your fill of apple pie, brats, burgers, and “merica” memes. All the festivities aside, it’s a great time to remember that we are a people who are created equal, and we are fortunate enough to celebrate that reality … [Read more...]

New Beginnings…..

Next week is the graduation of 22 young women. When we hear graduation, we think of a party being thrown and and a transition into a new season. At the Keziah project, there will be a party thrown and there is a transition, it is just so much … [Read more...]

Celebrating our Keziah Women!

Another school year has passed, and many will be graduating into a new life stage—new fears, new joys, and new responsibilities. At Eyes That See, we too are getting ready to celebrate a graduation—the graduation of our 4th Keziah House Class! These … [Read more...]

The Keziah Project

Some of you may be familiar with the story of Job in the Bible. A quick version of the story tells us that Job was a righteous man of God who faced severe trials from Satan, losing everything—including his children. In the end, Job was reminded of … [Read more...]

Bottle Caps

There were about ten bottle caps and a ball made of old socks and a shirt.  It would have looked like garbage to me a few years back.  On that day it looked like hope.  My friend Jim and I were on the driveway of the Keziah House with our sixteen … [Read more...]

The Keziah House – 3rd Class Update

The women at the Keziah House have been in the program for several months now, and they will be graduating September 28th, 2013. Most of the women have made significant strides, showing vast improvements in the areas of anger management and social … [Read more...]

A New Beginning

A new group of women have moved into The Keziah House. I'm anxious with anticipation to see how it will go. I'm so excited for these women who have no idea what they are walking into. A life of freedom and redemption is waiting for them. How exciting … [Read more...]

Month Of Change ~ Day 29

Our graduates from The Keziah house wanted to give personal thank you's and words about what this project meant to them. Here are some below. .. Bertukan: ”You consider us as your family member” Belaynish: “ I used to hate life, but now I have … [Read more...]