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How to Get Involved

We get asked all the time how people can get involved with Eyes That See.  We usually respond by asking what it is that they love to do.  The reason is there is usually a place where Eyes That See and their interests intersect.

Here are some examples:

ETS and Orange Leaf Chrissy pointed Eyes That See to her friends at Orange Leaf.  For one month Eyes That See received Sunday’s tips as the city of Louisville enjoyed frozen yogurt.
Tshirt Bags for ETSPaula teaches her class about the practical needs in Ethiopia and invites her class to impact the lives of others by making t shirt bags.
Month of Change for ETSJoel and Dave invited their church to compete “youth vs. adults” in a change drive during the Month of Change.
Claire and Sandy helped to pay for the graduation of the third class from the Keziah Project.
JJ interned for a year helping to launch the sponsorship program.
Abbi wrote a devotional for the Keziah Project women that was translated into Ahmaric.  Now this devotional hangs on the wall in the Keziah House.
What are your interests?  What step do you feel like you could take in order to help the women and children in Ethiopia?  Send us an email and we would love to work along side of you!