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We’ve talked to so many people who feel burdened by Scripture to make an impact on the world, and yet they feel nearly paralyzed by how great the need is.”Where do you start? What good is one person?” We hear those questions all the time. We’ve asked the same ones. For us, it came to a point where the burden of seeing God’s Kingdom transform this world became greater than our fear of not being enough on our own.

For those of you who are wondering, “Does the world even need me to care?” the answer is a loud “YES!” These children need you praying for them. The people who are trying to make it but simply need to know they are not alone are waiting for people to see them and care for them. You may be that person.

For those of you who are wondering how to be involved we want to invite you to pray and explore. Spend some time praying and searching your heart to see where you best fit in. When the burden to do something feels great, stay engaged. Those are the times that our hearts are changed the most. We want to invite you to get to know our projects, our organizations, and even the personality God has placed within our ministry. Maybe you will be a great cheerleader for Eyes That See. Maybe God is calling you to go visit our projects. Maybe God is calling you to help fund a project, or help lead a project. Maybe you are to support the staff in Ethiopia. We don’t know what God has for you, but we invite you to explore. If we can help along the way, please contact us. We always know of ways that we could use assistance and support.

Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement. We are praying that in real ways you will see His Kingdom.